SRF Department

The mission of the SRF Department is a full cycle of works related to R&D, design, manufacturing and tests of SRF cavities and cryomodules for accelerators for High Energy Physics and other DoE programs. The department has world-recognized specialists – scientists, engineers and technicians – in all these areas as well as world-class facilities. Department members perform a wide spectrum of R&D related to SRF: material researches and cavity processing technology development, development of the new types of SRF cavities, cryo-modules and components, resonance control of the SRF cavities, etc. The department is a world leader in R&D of the new cavity processing methods, which include basic material research and technology development. Major activities include RF design and optimization of the cavities and components, mechanical design of the cavities and cryomodules, and supervision of the manufacturing, inspection, testing, and assembly of the cryomodules. The SRF department works in close collaboration with other Departments and Directorates of Fermilab, and it plays a key role in LCLS II-HE and PIP II projects at Fermilab.

  • Superconducting Niobium cavity. When cooled down close to absolute zero, it can conduct current without electrical resistance.