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Mattia Checchin wins first prize in poster contest at IPAC’16


Checchin’s work focuses on better understanding of the gradient limitation of a superconducting accelerating cavity.

Fermilab scientists Sam Posen (TD), Jen Raaf (ND) win prestigious DOE Early Career Research Awards


Each will receive $2.5 million, distributed over five years, to advance their work at the laboratory.

Physics Graduate Students Receive Recognition for Breakthrough Accelerator Technology


The research of graduate students Mattia Checchin and Martina Martinello has led to multiple invited talks at international conferences as well as prizes.

Sam Posen is awarded the 2016 Hogil Kim Prize

Sam Posen

Sam Posen of the TD is awarded the 2016 Hogil Kim Prize for a recent, significant, original contribution to the accelerator field.

Anna Grassellino, Vladimir Shiltsev elected to APS Division of Physics of Beams executive committee


Scientists Anna Grassellino and Vladimir Shiltsev have been elected respectively member-at-large and vice chair for the American Physical Society Division of the Physics of Beams executive committee.

David Harding receives 2015 Director’s Award

David Harding receives the Director's Award for his exceptional contributions to K-12 education programs. Photo: Reidar Hahn

David Harding, deputy head of the TD, receives the Director’s Award for his outstanding efforts in educating K-12 students about physics.

Mattia Checchin earns first prize at SRF 2015 for poster on accelerator cavity work

Graduate student Mattia Checchin, who is conducting his thesis research at Fermilab, won first prize for his poster on superconducting radio-frequency accelerator cavity performance at the recent SRF 2015 conference. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Graduate student Mattia Checchin, who is conducting his thesis research at Fermilab, earned first prize at a poster session at the recent international SRF 2015 conference.