Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology Division


  • Pursue highly innovative R&D program in superconducting magnets and SRF for accelerators to advance the lab’s scientific mission and to help in defining the lab’s future direction
  • Operate accelerator test facilities to maximize the lab’s scientific productivity and impact
  • Develop and build next generation accelerators and detectors using cutting-edge technologies
  • Educate and train the next generation of physicists and engineers


Division Leadership

Sergey Belomestnykh

Division Head



Anna Grassellino

Deputy Division Head



Jay C. Theilacker

Associate Division Head / Cryogenics 



Alexander Romanenko

Associate Division Head/SRF



Romesh Sood

Associate Division Head



George Velev

Associate Division Head /Magnets





Labwide Calendar


Workshop on RF superconductivity gathers experts from diverse areas of physics

November 27, 2017

…enabling future accelerator-based science … Sam Posen, scientist/TD working on developing niobium-tin thin films for accelerating cavities….

Northwestern, Fermi National Accelerator Lab launch new research center

…understanding physical processes that limit the accelerating field .. push the performance level toward theoretical limits,” Sauls…

LCLS-II prototype cryomodule: a success story

March 22, 2017

Particularly evident in the pCM testing – the ability of the Technical and Accelerator division personnel to accomplish the task at hand.

Older Items


Martina Martinello wins 2018 IEEE PAST Doctoral Student Award 

November 28, 2017

PAST has awarded Fermilab scientist Martina Martinello the 2018 IEEE PAST Doctoral Student Award.